​Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I am a furniture maker with an absolute affinity for wood. 

I graduated University in 2013 with a degree in product design, and since I have always wanted to leave my mark on the world. Nothing brings me more reward than knowing that a piece of work I have poured my heart into will become a part of someones home.

I started Albert and Alfred originally making picture frames for my fathers's artwork.

I wanted to look at a frame as a piece of design work, and I wanted to keep the originality of a piece alive by creating a handmade frame original to every piece of artwork.


I’ve always had a love for timber, the different species of hardwood can be so beautiful in their grain and colours that I wanted this to be the backbone of my products. Using contrasting hardwoods and a little joinery to add beauty and strength to a piece can transform something ordinary into something special that can last for generations."


If you have an idea you want to see come to life or are interested in hearing our ideas, then don’t hesitate to give me a call, email or use the message box on the 'contact us page'.