Japanese Calligraphy - 'Heaven's Will'

Japanese Calligraphy - 'Heaven's Will'

A beautiful piece of Japanese calligraphy by Hitomi Shibahara written on Japanese handmade washi paper. The characters read 'Ten Mei' - 'ten' meaning heaven and 'mei' translating as order and life. 

The piece is framed in a maple box frame with a float mount. Walnut spacers are used to create a gap between the artwork and the glass which also provides an inside border to the mount. 


    Art size - 13" x 18"

    Framed size - 19.5" x 25"

    Handmade Japanese washi paper

    Off white mount board

    Float mount in maple box frame with walnut spacers

    Frame finished in clear wax

    D-ring hangers